Our guarantee goes further!

Customers who have spent at least 400 chf, we give as a gift an extra guarantee for the repair of future stamps!

The piece that has been fixed, for example the driver’s door, will have a guarantee of 6 months (starting from the date the service was made) on future stamps. This guarantee is limited to a maximum of 3 stamps with a maximum size of 2 cm, it applies only if the paint has not been damaged and the sheet has not been dilated.
To be entitled to the extra warranty, it is necessary that one of our technicians check the damage and verify if the warranty is in fact due, the warranty may not be due if our technician concludes that the damage does not meet the warranty requirements.
If the warranty is approved, our technician and customer are available, they can perform the repair right away, or, the repair will be done at an agreed time with the technician and customer.
The work will be done at our shop, or at one of our partners.

No painting or exchange of parts is included in the guarantee, only the PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) technique will be used.




Guarantee on our service

Auto Euroshock SA will fix the damage using the PDR (paintless dent repair) technique.
The following terms, conditions and limitations apply:
The warranty applies to parts where repairs have been carried out by Auto Euroshock SA. It covers your car while it is under your ownership and during the warranty period. The warranty applies only to panels repaired by Auto Euroshock SA.
The warranty period refers exactly to the warranty period provided by the vehicle manufacturer to cover defects in paint finish and corrosion. We guarantee that our service does not compromise the paint, finish or corrosion resistance of the sheet metal on the vehicle. In the event of a sale or lease of the vehicle, the date of sale or the expiration date of the lease agreement is also the date on which the warranty period expires on the vehicle. Under no circumstances will there be any warranty claims after the vehicle changes ownership.
To obtain warranty repairs, you must first check the factory warranty on the finish and paint, its limitations as a possible cause of defects and damage.
The warranty is limited to defects caused by Auto Euroshock SA. Keep the documentation, invoice and any other documents provided by Auto Euroshock SA on the repair, for the presentation of these if necessary. Failure to submit records may result in the rejection of the claim for damages.
See your vehicle manufacturer’s warranty for a complete list of warranty exclusions.


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