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BODY - Innovative methods for a perfect repair

Our philosophy is simple: “repair rather than replace”.
“Dellen und Beulen” repairs bodywork of all makes and models using ecological and non-polluting products, systems and techniques. We repair any bodywork damage from small scratches to dents up to major damage caused by accidents or as a result of damage from nature (e.g. hail).
Our specialists are trained to repair any damage.

Ecology Repair

Most bodywork damage, from small to large, can be repaired without necessarily plastering or painting; provided that the paint and / or sheet metal have not been seriously damaged or have undergone expansion.
With this method the work is done in a short time.
We remove dents and stamps without painting the vehicle, through the use of special levers and suction cups that push or pull the dent back to its original state. With the paint intact, the end result is a fast and affordable service that keeps your car body in original condition.

Interior regeneration in leather

The passenger compartment of the car is the place where we spend most of our time traveling. The latter must be clean, comfortable, pleasant and welcoming to make us feel at ease and to welcome our passengers with pleasure. Taking care of it means helping to keep the value of the entire car high, but this often turns out to be a long and laborious operation. Now, thanks to ‘Dellen und Beulen’ and the use of high-quality ecological products, fast and professional interior care is within everyone’s reach.

Ceramic nano-technology

The nano ceramic technology, as well as being extremely resistant to bad weather and chemical agents, offers excellent protection against corrosion and facilitates cleaning of the treated surfaces.
This technology can even increase the hardness of the paint up to a value of 9H. Adding a transparent coating to the treated surface will result in a depth effect of the color, enhancing its intensity.

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing means nothing more than carrying out a thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of every detail of a vehicle, resulting in a high quality cleaning and polishing. This, taking care of all the details of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Tire Service

Even if the replacement of a tire appears to be a simple operation, the use of special tools, such as the torque wrench or the equipment necessary to correctly balance wheels and rims, are indispensable tools to ensure their safety. Having modern equipment and having the necessary professional training is what distinguishes us as qualified professionals. Installing a new tire includes removing the wheel, installing the new tire on the rim, balancing it and fitting the wheel.

Broken Glass Repair

“Dellen und Beulen” repairs or replaces any type of glass, windshield or rear window of all brands, regardless of the model and / or age of the vehicle. Why repair and not replace? Simply to be “Eco Friendly”, we place an emphasis on optimizing repairs for greater eco-sustainability. When possible, we propose, as an alternative to replacing, the repair of the existing windshield and / or rear window, saving costs and without generating waste.

Sanitization with ozone

Ozone, also called by some “active oxygen”, is used in various areas of sanitation, especially to reduce the presence of bacteria, molds, fungi and bad smells.
The ozone treatment is particularly advantageous because it does not leave chemical residues on the surfaces, contrary to the vast majority of disinfectant chemical compounds that can be vaporized in the environment.

Cryogenic cleaning

The use of dry ice allows cleaning without leaving residues, without using water and without chemicals. The application is undoubtedly more ecological, hygienic and much faster than conventional cleaning methods.

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We traveled around the world years ago, in countries such as: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Argentina, Turkey, etc., fixing different types of damage, but especially hail damage.
Our company has a large network of technicians throughout Europe, so we guarantee fast assistance everywhere.

We are always looking for new technologies and new tools to offer a consistently high quality service.

The satisfaction of our customers is our best advertisement.


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